What is Built Story?

The world's first marketplace for self-guided tours.

Our Mission

Storytelling meets geography: Connecting people and place is our mission.

Our Vision

Tour Creators from all walks of life author self-guided tours, sharing their unique stories, in their own voices, of the communities around us. Tour Takers are enriched and connected.

Our Values

Amplifying Voices

Free to register, free to build tours, free to publish tours: we aim to amplify the voices, experiences and stories that are not always heard.

Enriching Experiences

Tour Takers experience thoughtful tours of the communities around them, gaining perspective and enjoying the stories of the neighborhoods nearby, and around the world.

Easy to Use

Using the Built Story platform makes it possible to build and publish self-guided tours from home. The app provides driving directions and all created content to the Tour Takers, making a self-guided tour an easy, and enjoyable experience.


Make tours, and enjoy tours, on your own time, at your own pace. Experience off-the-beaten-path hidden gems, and immerse yourself in stories that you would otherwise miss. Labeled by category and by age level, search the inventory to find the tours best suited for you.


Alexina Alonso, Co-Founder

Alexina’s interest in history started at a young age—growing up, she listened often to her aunt, a university history professor, share stories! Later earning a history degree herself from the University of Central Florida, Alexina worked in higher education community engagement for several years.  Interested in making her small corner of the world better, volunteerism, amplifying voices, and learning are important to Alexina.

Brian Alonso, Co-Founder

Brian’s appreciation for storytelling and historic preservation began while he was principal at La Epoca Department Store, whose roots date back to 1885 in Havana, Cuba. Brian and his brother took the reigns in 2005, long after the business had relocated to Miami, in a historic downtown building.  Brian has served as President of Dade Heritage Trust, working to preserve historic buildings throughout the South Florida area.  Brian received his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Duke University, and his master’s degree in civil engineering from The George Washington University.