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5 Things to Do in Texas This Holiday Season

Posted on November 25, 2022
Nighttime. A very large university building in the background, with several trees, decorated with christmas lights, and a fountain in the front.

With the holiday season upon us (and in full force), it’s time to start planning your winter activities to ensure you and your family get to experience all the festivities your state has to offer. 

For everyone either living in Texas or traveling here during the holidays, explore Built Story’s list of the top five activities to do at Christmas time. 

Let’s dive in: 

1. Enjoy Plenty of Christmas Light Tours

Christmas tree in background, person holding cell phone in front.
Photography | Unsplash, Built Story

Nothing is more festive than a road trip with friends or family to see the best Christmas lights Texas offers. 

Built Story has a variety of tours for you to choose from that are all jam-packed with Christmas decorations sure to leave you awestruck. So grab your holiday treat and hot chocolate and hop in your car for some Christmas festivities. 

Here are our recommendations for Christmas light tours in Texas: 

  1. Christmas Lights Tour in Amarillo
  2. Christmas Lights Tour in Austin 
  3. Christmas Lights Tour Near Carrollton 
  4. Christmas Lights Tour in Fort Worth 
  5. Christmas Lights Tour in Houston
  6. Christmas Lights Tour in San Antonio 
  7. Christmas Lights Tour in Waco

Don’t have the time to get through the whole tour in one night? Luckily with your Built Story tour, you can stop and pick up where you left off however much you want for 30 days. 

2. Head to Grapevine, the Christmas Capital of Texas

Nighttime. A bus, full of christmas lights, drives down a street during a parade.
Photography | Visit Grapevine

You can’t think of Christmas in Texas without thinking of Grapevine. Declared the Christmas Capital of Texas, Grapevine is here to create memories that you and your family will forever cherish. 

There are 40 days of holiday-filled activities and events including: 

And so much more for your family to enjoy. So head over to Grapevine and be prepared to be amazed by the millions of lights, larger-than-life decorations, and Christmas cheer. 

3. Catch Some Snow in Amarillo 

Aside from its cowboy culture and many attractions including museums and historic sites, Amarillo is also one of the only places in Texas where you might catch snowfall this holiday season. 

Because of Amarillo’s higher elevation, locals and travelers might be *arguably* lucky enough to catch a few days of snow during the winter season. 

In addition to watching the snow fall, Amarillo is also home to many other fun activities including checking out the Amarillo zoo and botanical gardens or cruising down the historic city center. 

Quick Tip: If you’re thinking of heading to Amarillo this winter, make sure to add their Christmas lights tour to your list

4. See the Boat Carolers at the San Antonio River Walk 

People, on a boat, cruising slowly down a river, singing carols.
Photography | The River Walk San Antonio

Another holiday tradition for many is the San Antonio River Walk. The River Walk has beautiful bridges and pathways along the downtown river, not only making it a major attraction for many but also a way to manage heavy rain seasons. 

During the Christmas season, the San Antonio River Walk turns into a spectacular destination with numerous events including its annual parade and of course, boat caroling. 

The theme for this year's parade is Tastes & Traditions Around the World and there have been whispers that the Grinch himself will be making an appearance all the way from Whoville. For boat caroling, either grab a seat along the river banks or on the patio of nearby restaurants. 

5. Go Hiking at Big Bend National Park

woman sitting, overlooking scenic mountain view.
Photography | National Park Service Big Bend

And finally, go on one of the many hiking trails at Big Bend National Park. Big Bend National Park is a magical place full of varying bird species, mountainous ranges, and remarkable blooming cacti. 

Due to the heat, the winter months make it the perfect time to visit. This way you’ll avoid the dangerous, scorching heat of the summer months. You and your family can enjoy a day trip, stay overnight and camp, explore scenic drives, or find moments of peace and solitude in the backcountry. 

There are too many great hikes to choose from but a few of the top-rated Big Bend hikes include: 

What to do in Texas This Holiday Season 

The holidays encourage a time for us to connect with friends and family. These five places and activities are perfect for you and your loved ones to enjoy together. 

Let us know some of your favorite holiday traditions in Texas and send us pictures of your Christmas Light tours

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