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The Charming Kansas City Fountains, and Where to Find Them

Posted on March 9, 2023
The "Children's Fountain" in Kansas City
Children's Fountain located in Kansas City, MO | Kansas City Parks & Recreation

Described as The Most Lovable of Cities by HuffPost writer Hannah Rosenboom, it’s easy to fangirl Kansas City. Home of the Super Bowl-winning Chiefs, arguably the best BBQ in America, and a stellar jazz tradition—there’s so much to adore here. The city’s fountains though, may surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) take the cake on why this Heart-of-America city is just so darn charming.  It certainly earned the city its nickname of the “City of Fountains”!  

Andrea Krasnow, of This Kansas City Mama shares her experience in Kansas City, and parenting, with her readers on the regular.  Here, she chats with us about KC, its darling fountains, and the Kansas City Fountains Map tour she is creating.

A Q&A with Andrea Krasnow

Tell us about yourself! How long have you lived in Kansas City?

a photo of Andrea Krasnow. Blue shirt, sitting in her home.
Andrea Krasnow in her home.

I'm Andrea Krasnow, content creator behind This Kansas City Mama. I am a mom to an almost 12-year-old son named McKinley and my husband Joel and I have been married a little over 20 years! I've lived in Kansas City for 26 years, moving here after I graduated from college, however this is my second time living in Kansas City. I moved here with my parents in December of 1982 and moved to Virginia in the summer of 1989. 

What is one thing that you love about Kansas City?

I can't say that there is just one thing that I love about KC! We are a growing city with a smaller town feel and I really like that. And though we may live in the suburbs, we try to take advantage of all that our city has to offer which includes cultural arts, history, and some amazing professional sports organizations. 

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the Greater Kansas City Fountain Day. Do you have a favorite memory from past Fountain Days?

A Kansas City Fountain
Kansas City Fountain | Andrea Krasnow

I have never attended the Fountain Days! After doing some research regarding the history of our fountains, I discovered that every spring we have a Fountain Day. This year's event is planned for Friday April 14th and I definitely plan to attend!

KC Fountains are beautiful.  Do you have a favorite?

Mill Creek Park Fountain, in Kansas City
Lookin cool! Mill Creek Park Fountain, in Kansas City. | Andrea Krasnow

I do! My favorite fountain is the fountain at Mill Creek Park. My first apartment in Kansas City was just across the street from Mill Creek Park and I saw it every day. My husband and I had our wedding photos taken there. 

You’re working on a self guided Kansas City Fountains tour. What’s the best thing about your Kansas City Fountains Map?

I think the best thing is learning the history behind each of the fountains on the tour. Where they came from, who sculpted them, and giving fun facts along the way. It's a great spring and summer activity for families and would make for a fun day/evening date!


Looking for great things to do in Kansas City?

Read more about Andrea Krasnow here, in This Kansas City Mama. You can also check out her Holiday Lights Tour around KC Metro, here!

Check back soon for a link to Krasnow’s self-guided tour to the fountains of Kansas City.  Drop us an email if you’d like us to send you a link to her KC Fountains Map Tour as soon as it is live.

Happy Kansas City Fountain Day! ⛲

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