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Crafting Tours for the Solo Explorer

Posted on June 5, 2020
Crafting Tours for the Solo Traveler

With summer upon us and some people eager to –carefully—venture beyond their four walls, Tour Creators can expect an increased demand for local, contactless tours. 

Built Story provides Tour Creators a convenient platform to build tours (from home!) that allow for local exploration while observing social distancing.  Providing a fresh look at our own backyards to the solo explorers around is an invaluable gift!  (And a great way for you to keep your tour guide business humming)

The Rise of the Solo Traveler

Even before Covid, a recent study by the Adventure Travel Trade Association revealed an increase in solo travelers.

Now, with the reality of the coronavirus, and the need for social distancing, the number of solo (local) travelers is only increasing.

woman walking through vineyard

Before we Dig In…Just What is Built Story?

Here’s what it is: A marketplace of self-guided tours, connecting tour-creators (you) with tour-takers (your locals). No tour is conducted in-person. You build the tour, from the comfort of your home computer.  Your customer, the tour-taker, then buys your published tour. Through the app on their phone, they receive your tour, and are provided walking, biking or driving directions to each of the tour stops you created.

So here’s an idea: Create self-guided tours…walking tours, biking tours, driving tours… for your locals. In the case of driving tours, no one even gets out of the car.  Let locals see their city or countryside in a new light—while maintaining social distancing. Or, in places where it is safe, build self-guided walking and biking tours to learn the area’s history, architecture, public art, unique stories…you name it.  It’s contactless, it avoids groups of people, it gets folks (responsibly) out of the house. 

And here’s how it works: You build your tour from the comfort of your home computer.  Your customer takes the tour, via the app on their phone, as they walk town and city streets. The app provides them directions to each of your tour stops.  The app gives your customer the text, photos, video or audio that you want them to experience at each of your tour stops. For the tour-taker, everything is handled through the app.  It’s all contactless.  For the tour-creator, you simply script your tour once, build it through the site, and you’re done! Let it sit and earn revenue for you, while you focus on other things.

built story screen shot


Now, Back to the Solo Explorer…

From historic to architectural to literature-themed tours and beyond, you can build engaging jaunts that solo explorers will value—and will keep them coming back to you for more.

Incorporating stories that only you can tell will make your tour even more memorable to the solo explorer.

Maybe you share with your Tour Taker that time you discovered the tropical drink that’s made with fresh, locally-grown fruit from the nearby farmers’ market.  While they enjoy that drink curbside, they’ll also learn the story behind it!

You might choose to enhance your tour stops with photos, text, video and audio that express your own unique insights.


Authentic Experiences

Offering a fresh take on traditional tours creates an authentic experience that solo explorers crave. But, the road less traveled doesn’t have to be down an unknown path. You can feature well-known destinations, but adding your own twists and background information makes it all the more intriguing!

Add a sense of community to your tours with little known facts about the shops and streets your Tour Takers will wander past.

Man walking through town while socially distancing

Include Critical, Current Information 

Because of social distancing, some businesses may have reduced, or changed, hours.  Adding in information about new store hours, or curbside pick up, or any other insider tips, is great! (You can go back and edit your tour and information as local businesses update their offerings.)

Information that includes peak times at the restaurant or bar will help the solo traveler make better decisions about when and where to enjoy a good meal or a drink. 

 The Built Story platform easily allows for changes to any tour. Just follow the directions on How do I edit a tour I already published? 


Take the Tour to the Great Outdoors

Many locals may opt for outdoor activities, which offers a breath of fresh air, and social distancing.

If you’re leading Tour Takers to water, perhaps a stand-up paddleboard sesh or a serene kayak trip may be best for the solo explorer! A biking tour along a beautiful path may be just the thing as well.

woman on bike

Final Thoughts for the Solo Explorer

Perhaps guide your Tour Taker to a lesser-known landmark. Or include the location of a nearby park where they can enjoy nature or a local, outdoor yoga session. Point out a quaint restaurant or bar.

You might encourage your Tour Taker to document their favorite stops in Built Story’s Journal. They can keep these thoughts and photos private, or they can share their experiences to their social media platforms. And when they share to social media, they are promoting your tour to their friends and family, as well!

In the face of Covid-19, with a little new tech on your side, you can weather, and even thrive, in this storm. And you’re helping the solo explorer learn, recreate, smile—what a beautiful gift at a time like this.

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