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Creating Tours for the Fitness Enthusiast

Posted on June 24, 2020

Fitness enthusiasts likely already know the most popular ways to exercise, so creating a tour dedicated to this group is not about putting together a fitness regimen (though certainly feel free...don't let us stop you!), but rather about adding an extra dose of adventure and activity to what might otherwise by just another ordinary tour.

You might blend a walking tour with a beach run, for example, or suggest rollerblading instead of walking when possible.

You can use Built Story’s media tools to show your tour takers the best places to rent items they may need and to give them more information about the different activities available.

Beach Tours

So many of the best destinations have beaches nearby. From the West Coast to the East Coast, to the lakes in between, gorgeous beaches can be the starting point of your tour.

At Santa Monica Beach, for example, you could easily set up a cycling tour that takes visitors from one end of the beach to the other. They can make stops at small restaurants near Muscle Beach and even take time to work out there or join in on a game of (socially distant) volleyball.

Fitness enthusiasts, one might assume, love a challenge. So, point tour takers toward something new and out of their comfort zone. Show them areas such as Bay Street where they can rent surfboards and learn how to surf.

On the East Coast, Miami Beach makes for a great place to rollerblade or cycle. It all depends on how you want to introduce your Tour Takers to the area. You can point out places to stop along the way while recommending spots to visit later in the day or in the evening.

The more options, the better. Starting them out at the southern most point of South Beach then guiding them along Ocean Drive will offer many opportunities to introduce your Tour Takers to activities such as parasailing, snorkeling, or jet skiing.

Family Fun Tours

Families with littles enjoy fresh air as well! One great way to keep them moving is through cycling or walking tours. 

It all really depends on the locale and the ages of the children in the family.  

Hiking trails can be appropriate for many ages -- just be sure to clearly describe length of trail and skill level needed in your tour description. You might give families different choices by sharing easier hiking trails with them. 

For a wholly unique experience, Tour Takers can create fun, “field day” experiences with walking or cycling tours that include jump ropes, beach runs, surfing, hiking, or something as simple as swimming. 

Yoga in the Park (and Everywhere Else)

A true fitness enthusiast knows the importance of the connection between mind and body. Yoga trains the mind to care for the body, and the body for the mind.

Your tour can incorporate yoga by adding it to various stops or beginning the tour with a yoga session in the park. You can choose to include a video of yourself leading a yoga session. Or, you might suggest a light morning yoga session at a nearby park, then a harder one at the end of the tour.

Still yet, you can link Tour Takers to free yoga lessons online while guiding them to local spaces where they can practice in peace.

Amp Up Your Walking Tours

If your tour locale just isn’t the right spot for yoga or beach sports, you can still add interest to the tour with some simple challenges.

Tour Creators can add intensity by including a few fitness routines--maybe some suggested pushups, burpees or situps in a green space nearby.

Just remember that keeping it fun, blending different activities, and giving Tour Takers options will help you craft a tour that all types of fitness enthusiasts will love.

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