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The Halloween Resource Corner

Posted on September 27, 2021
Halloween resources

You’ve got your 10-15 Halloween houses picked out. You know they are all located pretty close together. (We highly recommend keeping the entirety of the tour to 10ish miles total. Think hyperlocal.)

Basically, you’re done. You just need to compile them into the Built Story tour dashboard (login here), click publish, and away you go. The app will give your audience the driving (or walking) directions they need. And the decorated homes will provide all the feel-good, fall, just-spooky-enough entertainment.

But thinking about taking this to the next level?

Remember, you have the option to add video and audio at each of your stops (along with text and photos). This is optional. If this gives you a headache, skip it. If this is thrilling, then read on...

Below are some resources that you can sprinkle throughout your tour stops. You are the artist, the tour guide, the event director here, so all of this is up to you. What do you want your community to experience at each stop? Just the Halloween-decorated home? That’s great!

Or, if you're ready to make your tour even more stellar, then feel free to utilize the below. These resources are royalty-free, are able to be used in all projects, and are free for you. If you use some, you may want to reference the source. 🎃 

cell phone image
Photo by Built Story LLC


The Halloween joke. The addition of a dad-joke / knee-slapper / roll-your-eyes / one-liner went over really well in tours last year. Below are a few resources. Do reference your source in the text of your tour stop 😉.


Including photos of the actual home you are featuring is a nice touch – but not fully necessary. You may enjoy adding some of these “stock” images. (They don’t look like stock) Both Unsplash and Pexels encourage you to reference the name of the photographer.

Other pointers: Photos uploaded to Built Story have a 5MB maximum. Should be JPG or PNG, and cropped square or landscape is recommended.

Halloween Photo
Photo by Beth Teutschmann on Unsplash


You might add some spooky tunes while people are in their car, enjoying the view from the window.

Sound Effects

Not-scary & still very Halloween-appropriate music:

These are scarier songs (Starting with least scary, and ending with the most scary)-

Please note - uploaded audio files to the Built Story platform should be in MP3. (Great news - all of the files listed above are available here in MP3 format.) 


When people are stopped outside a home, a short, spooky video is a fun touch. Below are some free ones you may be interested in:

Please note - For best results, do include videos that are in landscape mode. Must be in an MP4 format. Most of the above are. But if you do need to convert a file, here's an easy tool

Pumpkins looping bacground
"Pumpkins Looping Background 4K" from videvo

Drop some of these throughout your stops…and you’ll be sure to bring big smiles to your community this October.😈 And watch those tour sales just take off

Not finding exactly what you want above? Feel free to add anything else you find or create.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy creating! 🦇

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