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How to Create Biking Tours That People Love

Posted on April 24, 2020
How to Create Biking Tours That People Love

When it comes to modes of transportation during tours, for many, bicycling reigns supreme. 

Walking allows tour takers to get more up close and personal with their environment, interacting not just with the destination but also the journey along the way, though it does limit the range to a much more compact area. 

Alternatively, driving allows tour creators to expand their reach and incorporate a larger, more diverse selection of stops and destinations, but it lacks the intimacy of a walking tour. 

Enter the biking tour. A happy medium between its two counterparts, bicycles allow tour takers to cover dozens of miles while staying immersed in the experience of their tour. While a much faster method than walking, tour takers remain engrossed in the elements and are able to take in the sights, smells, and sounds of their destination, never losing the cadence or connection with their tour.

While each mode of transportation has its benefits and ideal uses, today we’ll focus on bicycle tours, and how you can create engaging tours that your customers will love. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you get started.

Consider the mobility of your audience

While bike rides allow you to cover dozens of miles, some of your customers such as children or active older adults may appreciate a smoother, less congested ride than others. Be sure to specify the exertion levels of your tour if it is more active than one might expect.

Alternatively, it’s always best practice to provide tour takers with well-timed opportunities for rest, which brings us to our next point.

Provide ample downtime

Design your tours thoughtfully, providing a respite from ride time with plenty of attractions to explore along the way. Be sure to select stopping areas that are bicycle-friendly with bike stalls or lockers in which your tour takers can park their bikes while they explore the stops.

Provide tips 

For some, this may very well be their first bicycle tour, so providing tips and tricks that you’ve picked up along the way will make their journey easier and more enjoyable. Including reminders such as bringing a backpack to carry fun finds after shopping opportunities, or bringing along a bottle of water to stay hydrated in between stops will be appreciated...and will ensure you have repeat customers.

Consider alternate transportation

While your tour will be taken on bike, if it is in a location that is out of the way, be sure to start and end your tour near an area that will make it easily accessible for those who are driving or taking alternative transportation to their initial destination. Provide suggestions for parking areas or public transportation stops near the start and end of your tour.

Additionally, consider allowing tour takers to cover more ground by creating a multi-transportation tour that employs the use of trolleys, subways, city busses, or the like, so long as they are bike-friendly.

Below are three of our favorite types of bicycle-powered tours

Historic Neighborhoods

Beyond their romantic architecture and scandalous stories, historic neighborhoods offer a certain element that is best experienced on foot or on a bike. That’s because, in these storied cities and squares, even the smallest details carry a lot of character.

The sensation of gliding over cobblestone streets and navigating antiquated alleys is sure to deliver a surge of nostalgia to your tour takers, serving up a tangible connection with the sites and their stories.

Bike & Brew 

Everyone loves a good bar crawl, but with certain cities being more spread out than others, and of course, removing driving from the equation, sometimes these boozy outings can be a bit complicated to coordinate.

A good “bike & brew” tour will feature exciting, eccentric, or otherwise entertaining bars interspersed with other intriguing local elements. Perhaps stops at quaint local shops to support the community or even a few street food hot spots. Be sure to include recommendations for a featured brew or signature cocktail that would make the experience more memorable to your takers.

Coastal Gems

The ocean breeze, the sound of waves crashing ashore, the people watching! There’s a reason why cruising down the coast is so popular, with a good beach boardwalk attracting scores of bicyclists and skaters. On the surface, it’s easy to assume that the appeal is all in the picturesque landscape.  And, nope, you don’t need a tour to enjoy a good beach day.

But-the value here is in your expert knowledge of the can’t-miss action just around every corner. Bypass the tourist traps, and recommend the local and mom & pop gems that will otherwise be missed. Give locals and newcomers alike a much better beach experience.

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