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It’s Here!! The GeoPoint Tool

Posted on August 17, 2020
GeoPoint Tool

Cue the confetti because 🎉🎉it’s here!! You can now tag the stops within your tour with the GeoPoint tool!  Skip exact addresses, and just select the spot your want Tour Takers to stand directly off the Built Story map.

The GeoPoint Tool

Does your intended tour stop not have an exact physical address? We’ve got you covered! Maybe you’re trying to guide Tour Takers to a street corner with a story, or a spot inside a public park, or a mid-street point that needs attention.  Those unique gems don’t always come with a specific address.

We can’t let pesky things like exact addresses get in the way of creating exceptional tours. Instead of entering a physical address, you, the Tour Creator, can select the “pick on map” function--and then do just that! Select your desired stop directly on the map with just one click of your mouse. No need to worry about specific addresses.

Within the same tour, you can bounce between entering physical addresses for tour stops, or selecting spots directly off the map.

Adaptable Directions

When your customers are outside taking your tour, the integrated Google directions will adapt and guide your Tour Takers to each of your stops.  Just be sure, when first building your tour, that you choose the correct travel mode for your tour!  

You can categorize each of your tours as “walking”, “biking” or “driving”.  But rest assured -- if, for example, you label your tour as a “driving” tour, and if any of your GeoPoint tour stops are not in fact accessible by a car, the Built Story platform will notify you of the discrepancy, before you publish your tour.   

We Can’t Wait to See What You Create!

Building self-guided tours for your customers is now even more flexible.  What are you waiting for?!

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