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Magical and Sparkling: Holiday Lights Tours

Posted on November 16, 2020
Christmas House

Well.  This has been a year.

But you know what makes everything brighter? The magic of holiday lights.  

I remember, as a kid, driving around town at night with my parents, in search of the most sparkling, festive, holiday homes.  We didn’t even live in a place where it was remotely cold! (hello South Florida 👋) But it was just so special to gaze out the car window at the twinkling, merry homes around town.

In this 'interesting' year, what a gift to provide folks: self-guided tours of the brightest, cheeriest, most-decorated holiday front yards.  

Contactless, on-demand. It’s social-distanced, it’s fun! No need to leave the car, if it’s a driving tour.

Families no longer have to wander around town looking for homes, or spend endless amounts of time on Google researching what may not even be listed!  A tour from you solves all of this.

Windows down.. if temps allow for it! Play those favorite Christmas jingles, grab some hot chocolates… it’s fun for every age.

(And remember! You earn every time you sell a tour!)


Your winter tour can include more than just holiday homes

We’re all in this together. How can your tour support your community? Are any local businesses offering curbside coffees and hot chocolates? Or maybe a drive-through toy donation? You can incorporate businesses and organizations not to be missed!

Beautiful storefronts can be wonderful additions to your tours as well.

A full day of winter fun. Do you know the best way to spend a whole wintry day around town? This might include a trip to a Christmas tree farm, socially-distanced holiday markets, an outdoor nativity scene viewing, or where to find the best peppermint cupcake, curbside.

The holiday walking tour. Do you live in an area of town that is walkable?  Would it make sense to create an outside-only, walkable tour featuring the magic of the season?

As you’re thinking about creating your tours… a tip!

The daytime tour vs the nighttime tour. This is a very important point to keep in mind!  Are the stops on your tour best enjoyed in daylight? Maybe they feature holiday inflatables or other non-lit decorations.  Maybe they include businesses that are only open during the day.

You can create multiple tours: separating “best-lit” and “most-sparkling” evening tours with the “best enjoyed in the daytime” adventures. 

Unless your tour is clearly meant to be enjoyed for multiple hours, do not mix daytime and nighttime stops.  It can lead to bad reviews of your tour!

When you create your tour, you have the ability to write a brief description, and include three highlights. Your potential Tour Takers view this initial information before they purchase your tour. This is the best time to tell your audience when to best experience your tour!  This way, you can help set expectations appropriately.

Use the highlights and description fields to tell your audience when to best enjoy your tour.


📍It is always free to register as a Tour Creator. 

📍It is always free to create and publish tours.

📍There is no limit to how many tours you can create! Build one, build many.  

📍You earn 💰 every time you sell a tour!

Here are more tips on building great tours


Halloween Recap 

Just a quick rundown from last month… the self-guided Halloween tours you all posted were such a hit!  

Families loved your self-guided tours of best-decorated Halloween homes. Can you imagine how much more they will love your tours of winter holiday homes?? The world is just waiting for your self-guided tours.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can reach us at [email protected] , and you can also check out the resources for Tour Creators here!

Happy creating! 📍

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