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Make your City Guides work for you (it's easy!)

Posted on March 29, 2021
Family Walking

Convert your City Guides into self-guided tours!

You have the know-how, the content, and the creativity.  You know the best spots in town for your audience. You know the best way for them to spend a day exploring. Empower curious parents to discover your city with a self-guided tour, published by you.  It’s easy and fast to publish, and it earns you money, to boot!

1. Add your brilliant content

Make your expertise work for you! Use your already curated content to compile a self-guided tour on the Built Story platform. You can add text and photos at each stop.  You can add a personalized video or audio file from yourself, as well! The content you add doesn’t have to be professionally-produced, either. Tour Takers are loving the Instagram-story-style video from you!

2. Earn revenue: make your City Guides work for you

It’s free to register, it’s free to create tours. And you earn revenue each time your self-guided tour sells. Easy-peezy!

3. Wow your audience with a self-guided tour

What a way to make life easy for your audience! The app gives them walking or driving directions to each of your recommendations.  The app also delivers your content to your families at each stop!  

Sit back and (earn revenue), while you work on other things!

You’ve already got all the content, and all the recommendations! Convert these into a tour once, and you’re done!  It’s always there, just waiting for your audience to purchase, and enjoy.

Empowering you to wow and inspire adventure (while you focus on all the other things)!

Get started today ✨. 

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