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From Mesmerizing Mystic Falls, to the Enigmatic Lockwood Manor, Get Ready to Sink Your Teeth into This One…

Posted on September 29, 2023
People stand, with worried, dramatic poses. A cloudy, night sky is ominous behind them.
Source | The CW, The Vampire Diaries Poster


The Vampire Diaries series doesn’t have to be over when you visit Covington, GA.  Resurrect Damon, Stefan, Caroline and everyone you miss when you journey through this charming, albeit sometimes eerie, small town. Shelly Gayring, tour guide, has crafted an immersive experience that brings the supernatural and often ominous landscapes of this beloved show to life.

Relive the "Vampire Diaries" universe as we explore the real-life locations that served as the backdrop for this iconic television series.

Whether you're a devoted fan of the show or simply curious about the magic that lies within Covington's streets, our conversation with Gayring promises to be a spellbinding adventure you won't want to miss.


Q&A With Day-Walker Tours Creator, Shelly Gayring

Two men, from the Vampire Diaries universe, lay on either side of a woman. She is wearing a white driess.
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Built Story Tours: Ok tell us your thoughts on #TeamDamon and #TeamStefan.  Where do you land in this debate?

Day-Walker Tours: Right out the gate with a tough question! At the start of the series I was #TeamStefan and honestly I’m not sure when that changed but during the series I change to #TeamDamon. I think once you learned about the history of Damon and what Katherine put him through & then you see his relationship with the Sheriff and Alaric you start to see a softer side.

 BST: If you had to choose (we know it’s hard!) what’s your favorite stop on your tour?

a white house, with a brick driveway, brown mailbox in front
Source | Airbnb

DWT: If I had to choose it would be Caroline’s house. It’s a beautiful house (and now an Airbnb) and they did film in some of the house so it makes it a little more special. Plus I love Caroline! 

BST:  How has the town of Covington embraced its connection to Vampire Diaries, and how does it impact the tour experience?

a mural of covington, Ga. depicting famous movies that have been filmed there.
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DWT: Covington,GA is known as the Hollywood of the South because of all the movies & series that have filmed there. Everything from Cannon Ball Run, Sweet Home Alabama to Vampire Diaries but when you spend time in and around the square it’s apparent that the town has fully embraced Vampire Diaries and the cast.

BST: Can you share any interesting behind-the-scenes stories or trivia about the filming of Vampire Diaries in Covington?

A brown mansion, cobblestone driveway.
Salvatore Home. Source | Twitter

DWT: I’m sure many are interested to know why the Salvatore house is missing from the tour. Sadly in 2015 the owners decide to have it demolished. The cost to bring it up to code was too much.

Also if you ever wondered, they did film inside the Lockwood Mansion. The owners did such a beautiful job restoring and designing the interior & grounds. What you see in the show is inside the house and various spots on the property. 


BST: Do you have any advice for fans who want to make the most of their experience on the Vampire Diaries tour in Covington?

a quaint downtown, a tall clock tower.
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DWT: Here are a few things I took from my visit to Covington GA, that Id recommend to get the most out of the Vampire Diaries tour. Although golf carts are great for getting around I’d suggest walking the Vampire Diaries tour route. There are so many beautiful homes and great shops along the route. Many of the shops  have Vampire Diaries memorabilia on display so be sure to stop along the way. 

Step into the Mist: Explore Covington's Vampire Side

Intriguing, enchanting, and steeped in the supernatural, the Vampire Diaries tour in Covington, GA, is a must for fans and curious travelers alike. It's clear that there's no better way to step into the captivating world of Mystic Falls than through Gayring's tour. With every mansion and historic downtown corner echoing with the memories of the beloved TV series, this jaunt promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you're seeking to relive the magic of The Vampire Diaries or simply want to discover the hidden gems of Covington, this is one not to miss.✨


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