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The Most Spectacular Christmas Lights in Florida

Posted on December 10, 2022
Christmas House

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to take in the beautiful displays of Christmas lights in Florida?

From the sparkling shores of Miami to the festive streets of Pensacola, this unlikely state turns into a winter wonderland full of twinkling lights and holiday cheer. 

Whether it’s a stroll through a dazzling light display or marveling at a towering Christmas (read: palm) tree, Florida has something for everyone. 

So grab some snacks, heat up your hot cocoa, and gather the family! It’s time to head out and enjoy the holiday magic of Florida's spectacular Christmas light displays.

From the Orlando Christmas Lights, Most-Festive Homes, NE tour:

Christmas House
A sparkling home featured in this Orlando lights tour.

Oh Starry Night

This brilliant display makes perfect use of the traditional green and reds of Christmas. The entire house spanning into the yard is decorated in a tight, organized fashion.

Our favorite part is the string lights that run from the roof to the ground. It adds a nice touch and makes the rest of the house stand out with a radiant glow. 

Here, you’ll find a kind waving snowman, Rudolph with his sleigh, and trees decked out with maximum holiday spirit.

Christmas Lights
Sileo Family Lights | Photo Courtesy the Sileo Family

Sileo Family Lights

Chris Sileo’s home is more than just another set of lights.

They’ve set up a wonderful dancing light show with music for everyone to stop by and view! It runs Fridays and Saturdays from 6-10pm and Sundays through Thursdays from 6-8pm.

The property is tastefully decorated with a nativity set, and even Olaf the snowman, so it's plenty festive here.

They also have a Christmas mailbox set up so kids can write a letter to Santa! And if they include their address, Santa might even write back.

Christmas Lights
The Dazzling Lights of the Johanessen Family | Photo source: Johanessen Light Facebook Page

Johanessen Lights

Eric Johanessen has turned his home in Winter Park into a massive, annual Christmas event the entire community has come to know and love.

This jaw-dropping display makes use of hundreds of thousands of lights covering areas you never would have imagined. 

The trees out front are absolutely stunning and the dedication poured into this home is clear the moment you see it.

All the hard work earned them a spot on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight.

The family is delighted that thousands of people view their home each year and they encourage you to do the same!

From the Miami Christmas Lights, Most-Festive Homes tour.

Christmas Lights
There is truly nothing like a Miami Christmas | Photo source: Enchanted Place of North Miami Facebook Page

Enchanted Place of North Miami

This work of art started as a tradition that dates all the way back to 1988!

In North Miami, you will find a group of homes that make it their mission to go as above and beyond as possible and create the brightest display around.

Even a quick drive through this neighborhood will leave you impressed with the gorgeous dangling lights lofted high into the tops of trees that even cross over the street.

The passion and Christmas spirit of this community is well worth adding to your list of must-see stops.

Christmas Lights
A stunning light display in North Miami.

Holly Jolly

If you’re looking for bright colors and dazzling trees that tower overhead, you’ll want to swing by the next home in North Miami.

This home isn’t far from the Enchanted Place in North Miami (shown above this stop!) so you can easily incorporate them both into your Christmas Lights viewing adventure!

The roof and siding of the home are decked out in string lights creating an incredible glow. 

The trees are the most notable part of the display being wrapped in lights all the way to the top. Nothing makes us appreciate a display more than the hard work of getting lights into difficult places.

From the Tampa Christmas Lights, Most-Festive Homes tour.

Christmas House
A home full of holiday cheer in Tampa.

A Sparkling Holiday

Found along the Tampa tour, this home is a sight to see!

The property is tastefully decorated making use of a wide variety of lights, figurines, and inflatables.

The fence is lit up in a spectacular fashion and matches the glowing snowflakes on the roof. The front yard is also outlined in lights which makes it look sharper than ever.

You’ll find some gifts left out near a massive inflatable Christmas tree, a giant waving snowman, and even Santa Claus cruising through the Florida sun on his motorcycle.

Christmas House

Be Jolly By Golly

For over 16 years, this home has been one of the most popular Christmas stops in Tampa.

If your kids like Disney, you’re in luck! We’ve never seen so many Mickey Mouse figures in one place, it’s truly a unique sight to see. The tallest one stands at 17ft! Almost 3x times the size of an average person.

But it’s more than just a mickey mouse theme, they’ve incorporated lights synchronized to music for you and the whole family to enjoy.

They also accept donations of new, unwrapped toys for charity to give back to the community!

Looking for a different area of Florida?

If the above homes are a little too far, one of the areas below might have what you’re looking for:

  1. Fort Lauderdale
  2. Jacksonville
  3. Pensacola
  4. Tallahassee

Prepare for your Florida Christmas lights tour

Get the low down on exactly where to go. 

We’ve designed each route to ensure maximum light viewing, with the least amount of driving. Turn-by-turn navigation is integrated into the app—making each light tour easy-breezy, cozy, and brilliant. 

Hear a holiday joke or read the stories of the people who decorate throughout the self-guided tour, too. 

You’ll have unlimited access to the route for 30 days—break up the tour if you’d like and enjoy it on your time! 

It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

All tours are currently live on the Built Story app for you to enjoy!


Happy touring!


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