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A Place for Your Imagination...The Fictional Storytelling Tour

Posted on July 9, 2020

Hey creative writers, this one’s for you!

We’re not talking the Literature Tour this time (which guides Tour Takers to spots referenced in great books). Instead… (cue the celebration music🎉) welcome the Fictional Storytelling tour. What’s the difference? Read on!


So wait…what is the Fictional Storytelling Tour?

It's the intersection of geography and creative writing. Use this self-guided tour to bring your writing to life. The Fictional Storytelling Tour lets your tales unfold through each of the various tour stops you build. Or, choose to tell a new story at each tour stop. Whichever route you take, do try to weave an overarching theme for the entire tour. Tour Takers are looking for continuity!


Let the story unfold at each stop.

Are you a fantasy writer with elves or vampires or spooky spirits spilling from the tip of your pen? Will you keep your Tour Takers engaged with an action-packed adventure story? Or still yet will your tour be designed for young families, featuring the adorable adventures of a neighborhood rabbit or a family of garden gnomes?

With each tour stop you build, let your story unfold. You can tell your story through video, audio, text, or photos at each Tour Stop – the format is up to you!

Does your neighborhood have a peculiarly named street? An interesting old tree? A spooky looking home? A romantic clearing by a lake? Use these elements to stir up some inspiration and pinpoint the settings for your story.


Remember the journal!

Need a better end than…“The End?” You might use a call to action that encourages your Tour Takers to journal their experience. See how your readers (well, Tour Takers) interpret and respond to your creative writing (*if* they make their Built Story journal entries public).


The sky is (still) the limit.

We may not be traveling far these days… but you can certainly help your (local) Tour Takers rediscover their own cities and towns with whimsical, inventive, unique tales created by you. Help folks get out – responsibly – and have a little fun, while still maintaining distance. What an amazing gift, at a time like this. 

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