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Promote Your Tour in a Snap With This Content

Posted on November 19, 2021
screen shot of tour creation page.

You’ve identified the twinkliest homes around town.  You input their locations into the Built Story tour platform and pressed publish.  Hooray!

Now - let’s sing it from the rooftops. Let’s help everyone know about your merry, jolly, oh-so-fun holiday lights tour.

Have you had a strategy session with Built Story about marketing your tour? If you haven’t, drop us a line!

Below are links to graphic designs formatted for Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, email newsletters, and more.  Feel free to use any of the below with your audience!

You’ll notice that a few of these will require a tiny bit of customization to fit your tour and city. Email Alexina, and we’ll get that over to you tout suite!

photo of phone and desktop

Instagram Posts

Instagram & Facebook Stories

A few of these may need some light customization to fit your brand. Email us and we'll turn it around asap!

Facebook Posts

Email Newsletter

QR Code 

This will let your audience jump directly into their app store... and then straight to your tour from there!

QR Code
Right click here to grab this!

Coming soon - a PDF formatted for printing! You can place this in community bulletin boards around town. The gym, your place of worship, schools, your clubhouse, anywhere.  Let people know about your tour!

Need something else? Email us and let us know!  

Happy marketing! ⭐

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