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The Self-Guided Tour, The Profile Page & You

Posted on October 31, 2020
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The self-guided tour. It’s not a new idea. But here’s a way to offer it in a very new way.

Let self-guided tours, published by you, grow your in-person business this season.

The why and the how: 

  1. One and done. You spend the time and effort creating a self-guided tour…once.  Then sit back, and allow customers to buy your tours at any time of day! Meanwhile, you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  2. Grow your revenue.  Tour Creators earn each time their tour sells. See this past blog post to learn more. 
  3. Social Distancing. A great option for allowing your customers to enjoy tours from you, but with extra social-distancing.
  4. Increase the volume of tours you can offer.  During an in-person tour, you can only guide so many people around the town at once (especially this year).  But with digitally-delivered tours, the sky is your limit. There is no max to how many people can enjoy your self-guided tours.
  5. Feature out-of-the-way locations.  Maybe you have great ideas for so many more tours than you currently offer.  Maybe some tours that you could offer in-person are just a bit too far away, and not quite practical to include with your normal inventory. Use the Built Story self-guided tour to offers tours like this.
  6. Extend your tour’s story. Could your in-person tours be even longer? You can offer a self-guided tours to your customers, at the end of your walk, who are eager for more from you.
  7. Built-in Sales-Funnel. Allow Built Story to funnel completely new customers to your in-person business. After discovering and loving a self-guided Built Story tour from you, Tour Takers will search for your in-person tours! 

It’s not hard to point Built Story Tour Takers to your in-person business. Your profile page does just that.

Tour Takers can quickly see who you are, and your branding.

Offer information about yourself or business:

On both desktop and mobile, the profile page allows customers to click out to your own website, and social media pages.

And don’t forget!  The Journal and share to social media helps increase awareness for your business too!

Allow Built Story to funnel new customers to your in-person business. After loving a self-guided tour from you, Tour Takers will search for your in-person tours! And your profile page assures that they can find you. ⭐

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