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Spooky or Whimsical? The Halloween Tour

Posted on September 15, 2020
Haunted Houses

The Halloween Tour

Starting to feel a little fall in the air? Pumpkin spice latte anyone? It’s still warm here in the South, but we are eagerly anticipating the autumn and all that it brings (read: HALLOWEEN!) anyway!

What better way to celebrate the season this year but by offering spooky self-guided tours?  Maybe your tour is truly hair-raising…or maybe it’s a whimsical celebration of autumn for the young families around.

A self-guided tour, built especially for the Halloween season, can look like a lot of things.  Bring a historic cemetery to “life” by sharing its secrets. Guide young families (or the young at heart) to the best-spookily-decked-out front yards and neighborhoods around.  Maybe take them through a magical fairy door adventure.  Or, let them experience the eerie historic stories of their town as you usher them from stop to stop, revealing more parts of the narrative as they walk along.

These tour ideas are certainly not the limit!  Your Tour Takers are just “dying” to see what you come up with!😈


The Spookiest Light Displays

Kind of like searching for the best neighborhood Christmas light displays… but it’s 2020, so why don’t we also enjoy the best front-yard Halloween displays?? Help parents and their kids find some socially-distanced ghostly fun!  How else are locals to find all the best homes?  There’s no better way than a self-guided Built Story tour, written by you.  And- bonus! Add eerily-fun audio for Tour Takers to listen to at each place!


A Fairy Door Adventure

Is your town home to this whimsy?  Help Tour Takers spot the sweetest, most out-of-the-way, magical doors.  You might remind your Tour Takers to leave a treat or a coin for the fairies at the entrances to these enchanting abodes.  And we bet including a stop for the best pumpkin cupcake (via curbside pickup!) for a special treat with the littlest Tour Takers upon the end of the journey will go a long way!🧁


Forgotten Stories in Historic Cemeteries

Guide fright-seeking Tour Takers through the uncanny, otherworldly, fiendish stories that just a very few—or maybe only the dead—know. 💀  Weave together forgotten narratives as you build your tour. (And you might remind your Tour Takers to respect the hallowed grounds they walk upon as they journey through your stories.)


Hauntings Around Town

Thrill-seeking Tour Takers are just on the edge of their seats waiting for your haunted tours. Know the most historically ghostly, creepy, eerie stories of intrigue? Or just the weirdest spots around town? Weave your narrative through each place as you usher Tour Takers through the spookiest of the city! 🎃


A Beautiful Fall Day

Maybe it’s a day of apple picking, with a couple of guided stops within the grounds of the orchard (see how in our GeoPoint Tool article!).  Or take customers through an unforgettable day of cider donuts, a great hidden nook to grab a photo in the countryside, and some socially-distanced, curbside, pumpkin latte pickups.  Your Tour Takers are just waiting to hear why each place is special to you!  You might choose to add video of you at some or all of the stops to add some extra personal charm to your tour.⭐


Can't Wait to See What You Create!

Any other chillingly spooky ideas?  Or magical ways to celebrate the autumn? We (and your customers!) can’t wait to see it!

Fall is a special season…whether it’s beautifully cool outside where you live, or whether you’re lucky enough to enjoy tropical temps year-round. Perhaps it’s the crispness in the air, or the pumpkin-everything everywhere, or maybe it’s just because the advent of fall means that Halloween is almost here👻...people love this time of the year.  And what better way to fully enjoy it, then with a self-guided tour from you? Build your tour today!

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