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The Springtime Tour

Posted on February 19, 2021

There are still a lot of things to be stressed about right now, unfortunately, but there are also things to celebrate. We landed a rover on Mars (!), for one thing. And we have ourselves, the parents in our communities, working so hard to make everything work right now. And – spring – spring is on the way!

Below are some tours, that you can create for your community, that celebrate spring. These tours bring us together (while still being separate). They get your families out, and moving, and connecting, safely. What a wonderful thing to offer!

The Spring Celebration Tour

Here are the steps!

  1. Participating families place spring décor, or a spring coloring page, in their front windows. (Here's one easy idea!) 
  2. Those same participating families can also choose to submit a quick video featuring them saying “Happy Spring!” Or telling a Spring Knock Knock Joke, or reciting a Spring Poem.
  3. You, the Tour Creator, compile this (it’s quick and easy!) into a self-guided tour. 
  4. Lastly: Families taking the tour will drive or walk from house to house, with directions provided via the Built Story app.  What joy to spot spring in the windows, and watch the families’ videos, (through the app!), at each tour stop.

All outdoors, all self-guided and on your own time, it’s a fun way to bring people together, while still being separate!

The Deconstructed Easter Egg Hunt

Four quick steps to make this happen!

  1. Participating families place Easter eggs around their front yard.
  2. Participating families can choose to submit a quick video featuring them saying “Happy Easter!” Or telling an Easter Joke. Still another option—families could just offer a written message: “Happy Spring from the Fernandez Family!”
  3. You, the Tour Creator, compile this (it’s quick and easy!) into a self-guided tour. 
  4. Families taking the tour, guided by the Built Story app, can grab one Easter egg per house! They can also watch the Easter videos through the app, outside each home.

What a creative way to strengthen the bonds of our community (and also nab some Easter eggs!)

Got any other ideas for family-friendly spring tours? We’re all 🐰 ears!

Start creating tours now!

Or, send us a little note if you have questions.🌱

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