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Key Tips, Tools, and Tech for Creating a Great Tour

Posted on April 10, 2020
Key Tips, Tools, and Tech for Creating a Great Tour

Creating a Tour That Sells.

Want to know the ins and outs of creating a great tour on Built Story? The right number of tour stops to feature? How much to write per stop? What to consider for your Tour Takers?

How should your tour look? What should it contain?

You have come to the right place.

Your questions are answered below in some easy-to-follow suggestions.  These helpful tips will get you started creating great tours today...and will keep customers returning again and again for more tours from YOU!

Tips and Strategies for Creating a Great Tour

Recommended Tour Standards

Number of Tour Stops:

To create a meaningful tour experience (and receive great reviews and repeat customers!), we recommend including at least 10 solid, well-thought out stops at a minimum.  20 stops is probably a good max for walking, biking, and driving tours. 

Recommended Tour Stops (Walking, Biking, or Driving): 10-20 stops

Distance Between Stops:

When creating your tour, plan accordingly with a reasonable amount of walking, biking, or driving needed to complete your tour based on realistic standards. Please consider the distance, locations and time needed between stops to create a quality experience for your customers.

For walking tours, each tour stop should be about one city block apart, or less.  The closer the stops are to each other, the better!  

Recommended Distances Between Stops:

  • Walking: one block
  • Biking: about 1 mile
  • Driving: 1-5 miles
Key Tips, Tools, and Tech for Creating a Great Tour
The Built Story dashboard allows tour creators to build, edit, and manage content from the desktop site.

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t forget to consider the local tour area and plan accordingly. Is your tour based in hot, humid South Florida? Keep in mind the amount of time your Tour Takers will be outside in the heat. Maybe incorporate a shaded stop at a park!

  • Include recommended rest stops, water fountains, and nearby transit options.

  • Customers can journal at each tour stop (and they can choose to share their journal entries to social media -- a win for you!) You might offer them a journal prompt or reminder (particularly if your tour is geared toward a student!

  • Highlighting locations to grab a bite to eat (even curbside!) will make happier customers and better reviews.

  • You might offer your Tour Takers useful tips – perhaps how to travel better, more often, or more sustainably. Helpful information or additional tidbits about a local area will always help make customers feel special. 

  • At the final tour stop, encourage the Tour Taker to check out your own website to learn more about you (or direct them to your Tour Creator Profile Page!)


Creating Tour Content

What's my theme?

Write about what you are passionate about and what you know about. You know the history, the unique stories, the hidden gems, and the off the beaten path eats.

There are so many types of tours you can create: architecture, food, art & culture, children’s activities, storytelling, history, literature, nightlife, and even special themes. Find something that people 1. are interested in and 2. are curious about. Then think about what you'll include in terms of topics, information, and content that will make your tour unique. 


Tips and Strategies for Creating a Great Tour

Naming your tour.

The name of your tour should allow people searching to get a fast idea of what you will be featuring. The title should include the purpose and/or theme of the tour. Including a tour description can help generate even more interest. The more info people can get as soon as they click on a tour, the better. 

You also have the ability to include three quick bullets, easy for potential Tour Takers to read!

How much text should be included at each stop?

We recommend writing a minimum of 300 words per stop, but adding extra content to engage Tour Takers is always a bonus.

Woman walking through Cambridge

What should each tour stop include?

You have the ability to include text, video, audio, and/or photos at each tour stop. You decide what your customers should experience! This lets you add in the unique features that make your local spots come alive.

Have any historic moments taken place there? Make sure to include anything that might pique the attention of your Tour Takers. Ensure your topic has enough content and media for each stop to create an engaging experience for your customers.

A great way to engage Tour Takers is to include some fun, related media at each tour stop. Photographs, sound clips, videos, and social posting are all popular and exciting ways to add value to your tour and get better reviews. Tour Takers even have the ability to share their images and Journal Entry posts on social media! 

Make sure when drafting your tour that you include only original content. Any additional knowledge and information included in your tour should be referenced with appropriate links or sources.

Focus on the tour as a story.

This is an important one!

How does each stop connect to the next? How is each a piece of a broader puzzle? Is there a common theme, allure, mystery, or point you are trying to make? Weaving a narrative will keep customers coming back for more tours from you. It will also ensure great reviews for your tour, attracting more customers. 

A great story may also compel customers to share your tour more often on social media. 

Key Tips, Tools, and Tech for Creating a Great Tour
The Built Story Mobile App features fun local tours in an area with directions to and from each stop.

Useful Tech and other Tools:

Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, or other word processing programs can help while you are first drafting your tour. We recommend you research, write, and polish your tour in a cloud-based word processing program, where your information can be safely stored, accessed, and updated before adding to the website.

Grammarly is an excellent tool for double checking your spelling before posting a tour to the Built Story platform.

Coronavirus Recommendations

With social distancing measures in mind, you could also consider crafting tours in areas more accommodating to isolated groups, like places with larger outdoor spaces and activities.

Read about how to create safe, family-friendly tours.


Woman creating tour

Telling Your Built Story

Now that you’ve reviewed the helpful strategies, tech, and tips to get you started, you're ready to create your Built Story tour and start earning today!

Don’t forget to:

  • Note suggestions for distance and stops.

  • Consider the needs of your Tour Takers.

  • Create engaging, visual, and unique content that sets you apart.

  • Employ useful tech that will help ease the tour creation process.

  • Keep social distancing measures in mind.

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