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Tours for At-Home Learners

Posted on September 28, 2020
Tours for At-Home Learners

We are all juggling life in the middle of a pandemic right now. Many of us are keeping jobs, exercise, health, and now our children’s education moving along...and so much of this from home! Kids and teachers are home, valiantly working to teach and learn virtually.

Let’s make it a little bit easier!  Let’s help get them moving and learning – safely – outside!

Tours for Students

Are you a veteran homeschooler? A Tour Guide? A parent with a creative tour up your sleeve? Then we’re looking at you!!

Create scavenger hunts, movement tours, history & architecture tours, botany tours–you name it!—for students of all ages to take their learning outside. These local tours from you are all self-guided, which means that they are contactless, flexible, on-demand and social-distancing friendly.  Students and their families can stop and pause or retake your tour. (Younger students should of course always have a trusted adult with them!) You’ll help your community—and grow your own business—simultaneously. What a wonderful thing during such a challenging year.

Read along for some tour ideas below.  We're excited to see what you come up with! 


The Direct-Link to Curriculum Tour

Do the chapters of students’ history or architecture textbooks actually unfold in your very own city?  (Or a city you know well?) Create a tour with stops that directly link to school curriculum.  You might choose to detail how each stop directly pertains to book chapters, and what learners should pay special attention to.

This works well for science curriculum too.  What a great fit for students learning earth and life sciences –guide them to various locations where they can see science firsthand!


The Movement and Wellness Tour

Your tour can incorporate wellness and movement—an undeniably important part of every students’ day—by adding exercise to your tour stops. Perhaps you open the tour with a yoga session in the park, or guide Tour Takers to local spaces where they can practice in peace. You can even choose to include videos of yourself leading yoga sessions!


The Scavenger Hunt

You can guide families through a park or a neighborhood, finding nature to document at each stop! You might preselect objects to highlight, and add them as clues for a scavenger hunt or an I-Spy game. Out & About Bingo is another fun game you may choose to incorporate in your tour. Or, Maybe provide a math problem or riddle to solve at each stop!

Built Story has a built-in journal.  At each stop, an older child, or their grownup, can type in notes or a photo of what they find!

Meanwhile, families with older children or teenagers may be more interested in scavenger hunts that focus on history, fun facts, street art and the like.

In the fall and winter, you might consider creating a scavenger hunt of the best-decorated Halloween and Christmas homes! Here are more ideas for family-friendly tours.


Speaking of the Journal...

Built Story has a unique built-in journal and camera feature, available at every tour stop. Students can jot down notes and observations about what they have learned.  They can include pictures, too! Help students retain information, and increase their engagement easily, at each stop!

The Gift of Movement, the Outdoors, and Education 

Grant students JOY with self-guided tours from YOU this season! To allow children the gift of learning outside, well—what a special gift at a time like this. 

Start creating tours now!

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