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The Valentine's Tour

Posted on January 10, 2021
The Valentine's Tour

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and what a great chance for some FUN!  Even (especially) in the midst of a tumultuous start to 2021, we can work to foster kindness, love, friendships and laughter(!) in our communities.

Below are some great ideas for Valentine’s-Themed Tours…which don’t have to be limited to just February 14th! Perhaps you choose to make them available to your community for the entire month of February, so that families can enjoy them on their own time. It’s up to you!

The Valentine's House Hunt 

Know some fun families in your community? If they are interested, ask them to pre-record a short video of themselves. Maybe a child recites a Valentine’s poem they created, or the whole family reads a poem they all love! Maybe one member of the household does a trick, tells a Valentine’s joke, plays a song or shares a favorite recipe! Create a driving tour that takes other families to the outside of each participating family’s house. At each tour stop, that family’s video can play – a sort of deconstructed Valentine’s party, social-distanced style!  

As an added bonus, participating families can choose to hang hearts in their windows, or even leave little trinkets--outside--for Tour Takers to pick up at each stop.

Important note: limiting tours to 10-mile distances have made the happiest customers!  If possible, we highly recommend creating more than one tour, if you have families dotted all over the city. Aiming for 10-15 total stops, per tour, is a great goal! 

Families can share a favorite Valentine's Recipe in pre-recorded videos! Tour Takers can enjoy a new video at each Tour Stop.
Participating families can decorate their windows with hearts, if they choose.

The Perfect Valentine’s Afternoon: For Families!

Here's another Valentine's-themed tour idea. You know all the best spots around town, and you know family life.   What’s the best way for parent and kid to spend a whimsical afternoon? Covid, unfortunately, is still a concern...but that’s where your expertise comes in!  Guide your community to the best curbside-pickup for a strawberry cupcake. Next: on to a children’s bookstore offering responsible browsing. Then, a pick-up of tea-to-go, and a beautiful park to enjoy an outdoor Tea party (if weather allows)!

You might even contact these businesses ahead of time, let them know they are being featured, and see if they might offer a little something extra to families participating in your tour.

Guide families to the best cupcake bakeries (with curbside) in town!

The Perfect Valentine’s Date: For Adults!

Know some tired parents? 🤣 Make their date a cinch, with a specially-curated tour from you. Suggest a great place for a starting sip of wine or tea. Then: on to a restaurant with outdoor seating (maybe one that doesn’t need advanced reservations), next a beautiful street or park to stroll, and maybe a great place to grab to-go dessert, and a wonderful park to enjoy it in (if it’s warm enough where you are!). You could sprinkle in tips on best places to park, menu recommendations, or maybe the back story behind each restaurant you chose.  Stories make your tour even more special!  

Being a tired parent myself, receiving a whole itinerary, no pre-planning needed on my part, is a giant gift! (and what a special thing for the small businesses in your community to have received your recommendations!)

Use the highlights and description fields to tell your audience when to best enjoy your tour.

These tours don’t have to be limited to just February 14th.  Perhaps you make them available to your community for the entire month of February, so that families can enjoy them on their own time.


Have any other great ideas for Valentine’s-themed tours? We’re all ears, and would love to hear from you! ❤️

A chalk heart to greet Tour Takers during the Valentine's House Hunt Tour!


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