Once purchased, how long will I have access to the tour?

Tours are taken from your mobile device through the Built Story app and are available for 30 days from date of purchase. Tours can be stopped and started as many times as desired. Additionally, you may retake the tour as many times as you like–as long as it is within the 30-day window.

Can I pause the tour while I am taking it?

Yes! Built Story offers lots of flexibility to the exploring traveler. If, during your tour, you stumble upon an excellent coffee shop, or an outdoor market, or simply want to wait to complete it until the next day–the user has that option. You may start and pause the tour as many times as you would like within the 30-day purchase window.

How long do tours last?

Tour length depends on a number of factors, including the amount of stops, the distance between stops and speed of the participant(s). Also note that a Tour Taker can choose to pause the tour as many times as they wish–within a 30-day window. All this said, the length of a tour will probably average between 60 to 90 minutes, if the user takes the tour from start to finish without interruptions.

Can I share my tour?

Yes! But, please note that each unique device will need to purchase each tour separately.

How do I know which ages each tour is best suited for?

When tours are made, the Tour Creator selects which ages are most appropriate for the tour content and location. You can see the age recommendations on the app, within the tour details description. As always, we urge parents and caretakers to use their own discretion when embarking on tours with minors.

What safety tips are recommended?

Safety is a high priority to the team here at Built Story. Please practice safe traveling practices. Taking tours during daylight is recommended. Pay close attention to traffic and pedestrian laws. If alcoholic beverages are a part of your tour, practice responsibility - be sure to have a sober, designated driver appointed, or use ride sharing to get around safely. For more information, please see our Terms of Use here.

How does the Journal feature work?

The Journal feature allows you to document your tour with your own comments and photos. You can create a Journal entry at any, or each, tour stop.  Your Journal entry will remain private to you, unless you agree to share it to social media.

Is my journal private?

Yes – unless you wish to share it. If you choose to write a Journal entry within a tour stop, you will be prompted to “create” it once done. “Creating” a journal entry means only that you are saving it to your own personal device, private to yourself. You can later choose to publish it to your social media accounts – but only if you would like to.

Can I become a Tour Creator?

Yes!  Anyone can add a Tour Creator account to their Tour Taker account. Simply login to your Tour Taker account from a desktop computer.  Follow the prompts, via the website, to start your own creator dashboard. Once this is complete, you can begin creating tours.