How are tours created?

Tours are created through the merchant dashboard on the Built Story website. Tour creators are the only members of the Built Story marketplace that can create a tour.

How do you become a tour creator?

To become a tour creator, simply login from a desktop computer and create your merchant dashboard. Once your dashboard is created, follow the step-by-step instructions through the website to easily create tours for others to learn from and enjoy.

When will I receive payment?

Once you register, you will securely link your preferred bank account information.  Deposits will be made into your account within 3 days, based in batches for tours sold in one day. 

How much does the tour creator get paid?

All tours are sold to users for $10 per tour.  $5 of this revenue will go to the tour creator, and $5 will go do the Built Story platform.  There are some additional processing fees (estimated to be $0.25 per tour) that will be deducted from the tour creator.  So revenue received per tour will be around $4.75 per tour sold on our platform.