Submit a Christmas-Decorated House

Every holiday, Built Story creates fun tours of the most dazzling Christmas-lit homes all over North America. Have the merriest inflatables? The most dazzling lights? We want to know about it!

The Merriest Details ⬇️

☃️If accepted, the home submitted here will be part of a self-guided driving tour, available to locals or visitors looking for holiday cheer in your area.

☃️Decorations must be outside the house, and able to be seen from the street. People must be able to view the holiday lights from their car window, not requiring them to leave their vehicle.

☃️Once we receive enough density of oh-so-jolly homes in your area (10 or more in a 15ish-mile radius) we’ll publish your city’s tour. (And we’ll let you know!)

☃️Submit this form early, and soon! The sooner we can get a tour published, the sooner we can spread the word (or dare we say, go tell it from the mountain)


Help people find the best Christmas lights near them, and the most magical of Christmas things to do!  We can’t have people missing a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold style home, can we?! Can’t think of any better Christmas events this season, than for the community to enjoy your sparkling home and Christmas light displays. What a gift.


Have questions? Drop us a jingle! [email protected]

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