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Why Host Your Tour With Us?

Our platform will place your tour online to be taken digitally.  No need to give tours in person.  Content is given at each stop using several choices of media.  Electronic directions are provided between stops.  You can sell tours 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Create it once and you are done.  Our passionate audience of eager travelers value your local experiences and stories.

No-Hassle Creation

Simply login from a desktop computer to create your merchant dashboard and easily create tours for others to learn from and enjoy.

Simple Administration

Easily view tours you’ve sold, monitor your revenue and manage other tasks related to running your business right from your mobile dashboard.

Dedicated Audience

Our filters help travelers easily find your tour so that you can spend more time telling your story and building your business.

Reach a Global Audience From Anywhere

Connect with a community of tour seekers who are looking to sign up for stories and experiences that only you can offer.

Tour Guides


Travel Gurus

Anyone with knowledge

Everybody Can Create a Tour

Getting Started is Simple

The best tour creators are passionate about the places and stories that they want to share.
Let our app help you turn that passion into tours that are easily shareable -- and profitable.

Use Your Professional Knowledge

Are you a professional tour guide? An educator? Convert your knowledge into education for people worldwide. Reach more people faster, and earn money each time someone takes your tour.

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Easily Build Any Tour

Our mission is to share accurate local information with as many people as possible. Simply login to your merchant account, and follow the easy steps to create your tours for a wide audience.

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Earn With Ease

Once your tours are published, earn money each time someone buys your tour. Upload your tour once—and earn money while you’re at home, at the gym, or even asleep!

Create Tours of Any Type


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Frequently Asked Questions

How are tours created?

Building tours is easy with Built Story! No programming necessary. We built the tech, so that you can focus on the tour content itself. 

The first step in creating a tour is to register as a Tour Creator.  Start, or log in, here. (See more details below.) 

For step-by-step instructions in creating a tour, see this article

Find tips and help on building tours in the Help Center and in Built Story Academy. Or drop us a note! [email protected] .

Who can be a Tour Creator?

Anyone!  Simply login to your Tour Taker account from a desktop computer.  Follow the prompts to add a Tour Creator account to your Tour Taker account.  Once this is complete, you can begin creating tours.

How do you become a Tour Creator?

To become a Tour Creator, follow these simple steps! In a nutshell: first, sign up as a Tour Taker.  This is always the first step – it’s quick and easy!  Once in your Tour Taker dashboard, you’ll see a button to “Register to Create Tours”.  Follow those steps… and Voilà! You are a Tour Creator.  It’s always free to register as a Tour Creator. 


Can I sell my tours for more than $10?

At this time, no. But keep your eye out for updates on this policy.

Can I create a tour in a language other than English?

Yes! You can enter text, and upload video and audio in any language of your choice.

When building your tour, there is a drop down menu of languages that you can use to categorize your tour.  If your desired language is not present, we recommend stating the language in your description of tour, and in your tour highlights.  This way, Tour Takers can quickly spot tours posted in their preferred language.

How much revenue does the Tour Creator earn?

All tours are sold to Tour Takers at $10 each.  This revenue will be split between the Tour Creator, and support of the Built Story platform.  Built Story absorbs all of the fees associated with self-guided touring, so that this is not your headache! Tour Creators receive  $4.82 per tour sold on our platform.

Hear from other Tour Creators.

Jesus Espinoza

The process of creating tours on Built Story is simple and straightforward. For each stop I just add the location, a short description and a photo! I love being able to share my favorite spots: whether it’s hidden gems in my hometown of San Jose or some awesome foodie finds in Ann Arbor.”

Jesus Espinoza
Tour Creator
The funemployed family

We chose three spots near and dear to our hearts for our first Built Stories, but we had so much fun making these, that I’m sure we will be adding more as we explore!"

The funemployed family
Kimberly Blank

I spend a lot of time researching and planning the best activities at the places we visit. There is a lot of thought that goes into each location. From the hours of research to driving around for the best parking spot. We discovered this great way for us to take what we have planned and what we’ve learned and share it with you.”

Kimberly Blank

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