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Our passionate audience of eager travelers value are local experiences and stories. Reach them with a
user-friendly interface allows you to create your own tours with ease.

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Simply login from a desktop computer to create your merchant dashboard an easily create tours for others to learn from and enjoy.

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Easily view purchases, route, payment methods and other tasks related to running your business right from your mobile dashboard.

Dedicated Audience

Our filters help travelers easily find your tour so that you can spend more time telling your story and building your business.

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Connect with a community of tour seekers who are looking to sign up for tales and experiences that only you can offer.

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The best tour operators are passionate about the places and stories that they want to share.
Let our app help you organize that passion into tours that are easily shareable -- and profitable.

Use Your Professional Knowledge

Are you an educational professional? Let us know here and set your own tour price. This way, anyone can take a tour at your set tour price so that you can get paid today. 

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Easily Build Any Tour, Anywhere

Set your price – up to $10 each. These prices are afforable for anyone and are a much better option for anyone wanting to take a tour to popular cities across the globe. 

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Earn With Ease

Our mission is to share accurate local information with as many people as possible. To do it right, we aim to keep our prices accessible so that everyone can have a chance to earn easily and conveniently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my tours for more than $10?

At this time, no. But keep your eye out for updates on this policy.

Can I pause the tour while I am taking it?

Yes! Built Story offers lots of flexibility to the exploring traveler. If, during your tour, you stumble upon an excellent coffee shop, or an outdoor market, or simply want to wait to complete it until the next day – the user has that option. You may start and pause the tour as many times as you would like within the 30-day purchase window.

How long do tours last?

Tour length depends on a number of factors, including the amount of stops, the distance between stops and speed of the participant(s). Also note that a tour taker can choose to pause the tour as many times as they wish --- within a 30-day window. This means that the overall time of a tour could last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes, if the user takes the tour from start to finish without interruptions.

How does the Journal feature work?

The journal feature allows you to document your trip with your own comments and photos. You can create a journal entry at each tour stop. Once you have completed your journal entry, you are prompted to select “submit”. Pressing “submit” saves your journal to your own personal device only. It will not be public.

Is my journal private?

Yes – unless you wish to share it. If you choose to write a journal entry within a tour stop, you will be prompted to “submit” it once done. “Submitting” a journal entry means only that you are saving it to your own personal device, private to yourself. You can later choose to publish it to your social media accounts – but only if you would like to.

What if I want a refund on my tour?

Our goal is that each user learns, enjoys and has a wonderful experience during their time using Built Story tours. If this is not the case, please drop us a note at, and we will address your concerns.

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