FAQ Group: For Tour Creators

Where can I create tours?

Built Story uses Stripe.com for all payment processing.  You can build tours in countries where Stripe.com, our payment processor, has reciprocal agreements.  Once Stripe is supported in your country, you’ll be able to accept payments from customers who live anywhere in the world. Below is a list of the 25 countries where Built Story tours are supported: Australia Austria Belguim […]

When will I receive payment?

When users purchase tours through an iPhone: Apple, unfortunately, holds all revenue flow for up to 75 days, before releasing to Built Story.  Once in receipt, Built Story will work to pay Tour Creators as quickly as possible. When users purchase tours through an Android, however: this delay does not exist. Tour Creators will receive […]

How much revenue does the Tour Creator earn?

All tours are sold to Tour Takers at $10 each.  This revenue will be split between the Tour Creator, and support of the Built Story platform.  Built Story absorbs all of the fees associated with self-guided touring, so that this is not your headache! Tour Creators receive  $4.82 per tour sold on our platform.

How do you become a Tour Creator?

To become a Tour Creator, follow these simple steps! In a nutshell: first, sign up as a Tour Taker.  This is always the first step – it’s quick and easy!  Once in your Tour Taker dashboard, you’ll see a button to “Register to Create Tours”.  Follow those steps… and Voilà! You are a Tour Creator.  It’s […]

Who can be a Tour Creator?

Anyone!  Simply login to your Tour Taker account from a desktop computer.  Follow the prompts to add a Tour Creator account to your Tour Taker account.  Once this is complete, you can begin creating tours.